Once we graduate our primary network is limited to those we connected with at university, work, and friends of friends. Social media has paved the way for a whole new network of connections, however, trying to find a like-minded individual with whom you’d like to share your life, is pretty far-fetched.

We often resort to traditional approaches to matchmaking (through friends/family/professional networking), or dating websites/apps. Both approaches have their limitations, most notably, it’s awkward!

Meeting your father’s best friend’s daughter/son for the first time with your parents watching your every move, isn’t exactly the love story you envisaged. Similarly, swiping right or left whilst browsing through hundreds of (potentially fake) profiles on dating apps is quite superficial - overlooking the science behind relationships.

We are professional forward-thinking Muslims, so why do we continue to adopt this compromised approach when finding a spouse?

mynikaa is a well-established, headquartered in Bangalore, that is in its 5th year of business. We specialize in organizing high-quality, expertly curated experiences for single professionals who are serious about meeting someone.